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Validation Issue

Kent Calero
United States

08 Jan 2014 02:59 PM
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Hello Everyone

I'm having issues with input validation and using an action.process. I've made sure to set Validate Input = True for the action.process but validation is not occuring. Any advice? The report source can be found at the url below


Kent Calero
United States

08 Jan 2014 04:50 PM

not being able to figure it out, I decided to build the validation in the oracle package/stored procedure and reloading the report if error. To my surprise, after the report was re-loaded,  the validation started working! However, when loading a blank report, the validation still not works.

I narrowed down the issue to something with the tabs, when I specify the active tab in the URL, for example, &tabs_Dashboard=tab_NewAccount, the validation works! 

Btw, I'm using Ajax Tabbing Style, the validation works fine when using RefreshPage

Jon Walters
United Kingdom

21 May 2020 06:06 AM

This is still an issue for me too


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