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Logi Analytics Acquires Zoomdata

Logi Analytics has acquired Zoomdata, the leading analytics platform for big data and live streaming data. The acquisition comes three months after Logi acquired JReport for pixel-perfect operational reporting. The combination solidifies Logi’s position as the leader in embedded analytics, now with the richest suite of capabilities and a global partner network.

Zoomdata won the Technology Innovation Award for Big Data Analytics from analyst firm Dresner Advisory Services three years in a row.

Zoomdata’s unique and patented streaming technology allows real-time visibility into data that is too big to move or changes frequently, which are common challenges for Internet of Things (IoT), cybersecurity, financial risk and fraud, customer insights, hospital patient care, and telco network performance

"The nature of data is changing,” said Steven Schneider, CEO of Logi. “It’s growing bigger and faster and is increasingly being managed using next generation data systems from companies like Cloudera, Elastic, Google, Amazon, MongoDB and Snowflake. At Logi, our vision is to help application teams create smarter software. And with Zoomdata, product...  read more

Musings from Logi Land

Logi Conference 2019 Coming Up Fast

You've already registered for Logi Con 2019, right? If not, you need to get on the stick and do it now! Logi Conference 2018 was a complete blast, when hundreds of customers and prospects joined us, from the kick-off party the night before to the wonderful sessions during the conference to the closing night Logi Bash party. You do not want to miss it this year.

Meet and Greet - At Logi Con 2019, the Logi staff will turn out in force to meet and mingle. It's great to spend time with you, to get to know you, and to better understand your goals.

And it's always nice to put faces, and voices, with so many of you - you're a sharp, interesting, and witty collection of Logi devotees! Returning attendee? We can't wait to get together again.

Latest and Greatest - Come get all the details of the very latest Logi developments. You'll learn more about our recent acquisitions of Jinfonet and Zoomdata, and find out how they're being integrated into our product line. We'll share our product roadmap and answer your questions ...  read more

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