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  • Johnny Stevens

    Hey Scott,

    I haven't used RedShift, but I wanted to point out some details in the documentation.

    First off, Logi indicates (at that you need to install the same version of ODBC Driver as your Logi installation (32-bit v. 64-bit). I would confirm this in your environment.

    Next, RedShift indicates that JDBC might be simpler (at If you want to use ODBC, it looks like RedShift wants a DSN configured. Again, I would confirm that this is configured correctly and confirm connectivity apart from Logi.

    If you have already done all this, I would contact Logi Support to see if they can help you troubleshoot your configuration from the Logi side of things.

    Best of luck to you!

  • Scott Florcsk

    I got this working with JDBC, but I had to install an additional webserver (Tomcat 9). I could never get it working with a data table, because the data table never gave an option for the Redshift access.


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