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Exporting a saved Dashboard. Generating a saved report in background to be able to export without opening page



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    Natan Cohen

    Hi Kurtis,

    Welcome to Logi forums!  Before we get started, can you tell me if you're using SSRM or whether this is a dashboard built within a Report definition in Info?  The solution will vary in complexity depending on the context of this dashboard.  But let's assume it's an Info dashboard.  The challenge with PDF exports of dashboards is that a web-based dashboard cannot simply be uniformly interpreted as a PDF.  Remember that PDFs have finite height/width and pages to worry about.

    The best approach is to create a PDF version of the dashboard by building out a separate Report definition.  I would allow no more than 2 panels side by side and no more than 4 to a page.  You could use shared elements so that panel content is not repeated between the definitions.  Now, things get more complicated if the dashboard is fully customizable with panel positioning and saved parameters, but there are tactics for that too.  Hopefully this gets you started down the right track.


  • Natan Cohen

    I should also mention that you would not use a Dashboard element in the PDF version.  You would use Rows/Row/Column elements to ensure the correct positioning and then use shared elements to pull in the same content that exists under the Panel elements in the dashboard definition.


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