License Information

Did you encounter a Logi Info license-related error message?

License errors can occur for a variety of reasons but the most common causes are:

  • Trial license has expired - You need to purchase a regular license in order to continue using the product.

  • License has expired - Your regular license has expired. Please contact Logi Customer Service.

  • No license file found - Logi products require a license file in the application folder for every Logi application. See our Licensing document for additional information.

  • No license file found after deployment - License files are computer-specific; so, for example, the license file used for a development machine will not be valid on a production server. Go to DevNet's License Management page to create license files for deployment and see our Licensing document for additional information.

If you still need assistance, use these links:

      Already have a license?  Review your licenses          For more information, see our Licensing document          For assistance, contact Logi Customer Service


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