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Logi Info v12.2 Includes Enhancements Galore

The Logi Info v12.2 release introduces new capabilities essential for genius applications, including self-service analysis that can be embedded into any application and shared authoring that allows everyone to participate in creating and improving the application. Key Logi Info v12.2 capabilities include:

• Great new visualizations, including a Heatmap-style Calendar Chart for visualizing time-series data (shown at left), a Bullet Gauge with customizable zones and targets, and a Dial Gauge with customizable zones, targets, and range colors. Also Dense Charts that can display entire dataset regardless of the number of data points by intelligently sampling and grouping the underlying data.

• Global- and Panel-level Dashboard data filtering. Set a global filter for the entire dashboard, or set a filter in one panel and it will affect related data in other panels, or click a chart in one panel and filter other panels. All driven by a new universal filtering UI that's consistent across many elements.

• Improved Analysis Grid charts, including multi-series charts with an extra axes, combination charts that display two metrics as different chart types, e.g. column chart and line chart, and new forecast Trend Lines with a choice of linear regression or Lowess algorithm...  read more

Musings from Logi Land

Logi Expert on Demand: Expertise When You Need It

Need some guidance that's more concentrated than Customer Support yet not at the level of a full-on Professional Services engagement? Then Logi's Expert on Demand (EoD) team could be just right for you. It's a phone- and web-based service that offers fast access to expert consultants, on a time-metered basis.

Expert on Demand team members can provide guidance for Logi Info development issues including security, integration, scalability, plug-ins, CSS, scripting, and more. They can provide services such as development assistance, advanced training and best practices advice, and project planning and review.

EoD is a solution-driven service that provides premium-level support above and beyond a standard technical support package, and/or when a dedicated Logi resource is required. EoD is centered on customized solutions for one-off scenarios and proof-of-concept projects, and can assist with smaller end-to-end engagements....  read more

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