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Logi Info v12.2 SP11 Now Available

Logi Info v12.2 SP11, the latest release of our flagship product, is now available! It includes numerous enhancements and improvements that you're going to enjoy. Many of your suggestions in the Product Ideas forum have been incorporated into this new release. Highlights include:

• The new Chart Export element makes it super easy to save your Chart Canvas charts as a .PNG format image. The "Get Image" button, shown at left, appears when the mouse cursor is hovered over the upper right-hand corner of the canvas. Clicking it renders the chart image and invokes your browser's "Download File" functionality, allowing you to Open and/or Save it, depending on your browser configuration.

• Logi Studio's new Element Seeker feature let's you find the element responsible for whatever you see in your browser. Turn on this feature, preview or browse your application, click the Seeker icon, and then click one of the outlined page components. Studio will open the correct definition and highlight the element responsible for the page component you ...  read more

Musings from Logi Land

DevNet Evolves Yet Again

Just a few minutes ago you may have been wondering if you had the right URL and where the familiar Developer Network web site went. Then you understood: DevNet has evolved again. This is the sixth renovation of our iconic web site and we hope you enjoy it. Please refresh your browser if you see anything that seems out of place.

Amazing as it seems, it was ten years ago that we unveiled the web site that we know today as Logi DevNet. When it was first launched, on January 15, 2007, it was conceived of primarily as a home for our one discussion forum and a few documents.

Back then, we'd just released Version 8 of Logi Info, President Reagan was in office, men wore hats, and Elvis was The King! Well, not really, but ten years is a long time in the IT business as far as change is concerned and we're proud that DevNet has continued to evolve and serve our customers and friends for so many years. It's been a pleasure to serve you and to contribute to your professional success....  read more


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