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What's New

Employ Your Data, Not Data Scientists

Logi Analytics has released Logi Predict, the only predictive analytics solution designed specifically to be embedded inside existing applications. We've made it easy for developers, application teams, and product managers to add advanced analytics capabilities to their applications.

Logi Predict provides data insights and actionable answers to your questions, without the need for data scientists. Employing a variety of predictive models that can forecast future outcomes from historical data patterns, Logi Predict has been designed to allow uncomplicated embedding and easy operational integration with other applications.

Logi Predict can help you answer common business questions, such as:

• Which of my customers are likely to "churn"?
• Who are my highest value customers?
• How many customers can I expect in my restaurant this week?
• Which customers will be late on their invoice payment?
• When should the next maintenance be done on my equipment?
• Is this a fraudulent claim?...  read more

Musings from Logi Land

Prevent Double-Clicks When Submitting a Page

It's time to share some interesting JavaScript routines we use here at DevNet. First up, preventing the "dreaded double-click" when someone submits a page in a Logi application. One click is all that's needed and two often cause problems by running the related action twice. So how can you stop the over-zealous mouse clicker?

This approach uses JavaScript to hide the submit (Save) button and replace it with a "processing" image, as shown at left. This will defend against 99.9% of all double-clicks.

You'll need an Image element for the "processing" image, near your Save button (which can be a Button, Image, or Label element). The Image element's Class should be set to ThemeHidden or a CSS class for display: none; and then use Action.JavaScript beneath your Save button, with this code:

/* hide Save button, show "Processing" image */ document.getElementById('btnSave').style.display = 'none'; document.getElementById('imgProcessing').style.display = 'inline';

...  read more

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