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Latest Logi Predictive Analytics Now Available

Logi Analytics has released Logi Predict 2.0, a module that allows customers to embed predictive insights into their mission-critical applications. Many Logi customers have identified embedding predictive insights as one of their leading 2018 initiatives in recent surveys.

Built for developers and product managers, Logi Predict provides data insights without the need for data scientists. Models that can predict future outcomes are easily built from historical data patterns. Logi Predict was designed for uncomplicated embedding and operational integration with existing applications.

Some of the common business problems Logi Predict can be used to solve include:

• Which of my customers are likely to "churn"?
• Who are my highest value customers?
• How many customers can I expect in my restaurant this week?
• Which customers will be late on their invoice payment?
• When should the next maintenance be done on my equipment?
• Is this a fraudulent claim?...  read more

Musings from Logi Land

Logi User Conference 2018: A Resounding Success

We did it again! Our Logi2018 User Conference was a complete blast - it was great to meet so many of you! Hundreds and hundreds of customers and prospects joined us, from the kick-off party the night before to the wonderful sessions and presentations during the conference. Highlights included:

Meet and Greet - The Logi staff really turned out to meet attendees and it's always terrific to see you all.

It was great to put faces, and voices, with so many of the good folks we've only previously known online in the Forums or through Customer Support. You are a sharp, interesting, and witty collection of Logi devotees!

Latest and Greatest - We introduced our new Logi Services technology and the new SSM template application at the conference. This service-oriented architecture, with its REST API, opens the door to a completely new development paradigm, and it was nice to see how well this was received. We expect to see some amazing things from Logi developers in the future using this technology....  read more

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