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Logi Info v12.5 Now Available

The much-anticipated Logi Info v12.5 release is now available! It includes numerous enhancements and improvements that you're going to enjoy and, with the new Discovery Module v3.0, introduces our new Logi Services technology.

The new Logi v12.5 developer-grade analytics platform is specifically designed to make it easier for product managers and developers to rapidly build and maintain engaging, secure, and smarter applications. Highlights include:

• The Bookmark Storage in SQL DB feature gives you the option to store all of your Bookmarks, Save files, Gallery files, and more as objects in a SQL database. No more file system and shared network drive dependence, and you can enjoy easy "versioning" and reliable backups. We've included a tool that automatically migrates your existing bookmarks into your SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, or PostgreSQL database...  read more

Musings from Logi Land

Meet the Experts at #Logi18 User Conference

We're inviting you to join us, along with other Logi users, on May 8-9 in our nation's capital, for our #Logi18 User Conference. Discover how to make the most of your Logi investment, reduce development time, and improve user adoption. Meet Logi staff experts and share real-world innovations with your peers. Here's why you should attend:

Meet People - Network with other Logi customers and meet the Logi team, from our CEO to our Support Staff. There's nothing quite like sharing ideas with others and speaking directly to those responsible for helping you succeed with our products.

Learn Something - This is a great opportunity to learn how to improve your Logi applications and to share your Best Practices and innovations with others. Be recognized for your hard work and ingenuity. Amaze your peers with your insights and imagination....  read more


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